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All About Explorers: Beta Testing Begins!

Over the past few months, we have been working hard behind the scenes at All About Explorers. We have essentially rebuilt the site from the ground up to add new features and some new content. 

Now we need your help!

Although we have an enormous team of full-time professional designers and web developers…. Whoa, I got carried away there. I thought for a minute I was writing another one of our explorer bios. Let me try that again….

Since our team is small—two people, in fact, both of whom have “real jobs”—it is a certainty that there are things that we haven’t gotten right yet. In the redesign and transfer of content, we probably missed something or messed something up, and though we have caught a large number of glitches already, we could use your help tracking them all down.

Below are a few specific things that we’d like you check out, but please don’t feel limited by this list. Take the new ship out for a spin around the bay, test the sails, kick the rudder, poke around in the galley and the crew quarters, even. Let us know what you find and what suggestions you have for making it better.

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